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Blue Competition Cycles (BLUE) is a boutique bicycle manufacturer located just outside Boulder, Colorado. In the heart of this great cycling community our goal is to bring you top-quality, pro-level bicycles at the best prices. Our specialty is performance-oriented bicycles engineered from the latest carbon-fiber and designed for racers and the cycling enthusiast.

We take pride in designing and assembling our bikes right here in the USA.

Call us today and RIDE BLUE (877) 805-2583


Select the BLUE bike of your dreams and get a top-of-the-line, carbon-fiber frameset no matter what components and price-point you choose. Worried about size, NO PROBLEM…use our SmartFIT tool or give us a call and we GUARANTEE it.

Customize Already have racing wheels, NO PROBLEM…want a power meter or different crank length, NO PROBLEM….just add the customization you want and we build it just for you! Check out Customize My Ride.

Ship Directly to You Order online or give us a call and it ships directly to you.


The Right Fit - GUARANTEED


BLUE has partnered with SmartFIT for our online bike sizing tool.

  • SmartFIT helps determine the best size bicycle to purchase based on your measurements and the bike’s geometry.

  • The award winning, patented SmartFIT algorithm gives you scientifically calculated seating positions and individually derived size recommendations.

  • Find the new size tool within each of our bike’s detail page along with geometry charts.

What about 1x?

Gravel & Cyclocross are pushing the 1x technology to new levels.  BLUE is now offering 1x drive train configurations for both the Hogback Gravel bike and our Norcross CX. 1x simplifies gear selection, eliminates the dreaded chain drop and keeps you moving fast on those rougher courses. 

SRAM is one of the market leaders in 1x components and has put together a nice reference guide to help you understand what 1x is all about.  Check it out here.

TRIAD ELITE Fast, Light and a Super Price-point

We have full inventory in 8 colors of our Triad Elite triathlon super-bike.  This bike has been designed from the ground up to be fast, aerodynamic and fun to ride.  Check out some of the wind tunnel testing videos under BLUE’s Innovation

If you have a triathlon bike but are looking to push the limits of speed this bike offers one of the most cost-effective carbon choices on the market.  If you already have racing wheels, no problem, get the Triad Elite complete but without wheels using the Customize My Ride option when purchasing to save some money.