Q. "Where are you located and where are your bicycles produced?”

A.  Blue's headquarters with its offices and warehouse are in Lafayette, Colorado (located just outside of Boulder).  We are a Proud American Company and design, develop, assemble and quality control all of our Blue bicycles in the United States.  Like a majority of carbon-fiber bicycles on the market our frame-sets are fabricated in industry-leading composites production facilities overseas.

Q. "I'm interested in buying a BLUE bicycle, but I can't find any dealers near me or those closest to me don't have what I want in stock. Can you tell me where I can find it, or can I buy it directly from you?"

A. Contact us by email at bikeshops@rideblue.com to find your closest BLUE bicycle dealer and other options for purchasing.  For international customers contact our office for distributor assistance. 

Your local BLUE dealer will be able to provide you with the most-up-to-date information on what they have in stock. Our bikes are sold through a network of partner retailers and bike shops to ensure that all of our BLUE bicycles are professionally assembled and serviced.  If ordering directly from BLUE we can assist you in locating a partner dealer to provide assembly, bike fit and for local service and support. 

Check out the video showing how your Blue bike arrives at the bike shop or to you if it's shipped directly to you.  We recommend having one of our bike dealers or local partners provide professional assembly as they can help with bike fit adjustments and provide ongoing service for your new ride.

Q. "Does BLUE offer any type of Sponsorship for racers, teams or clubs?”

A.  BLUE strongly believes in sponsoring teams and athletes.  We have many levels of sponsorship from Professionals, Collegiate, Regional Clubs/Teams and Brand Ambassadors.  To be considered for sponsorship, resumes must be sent to info@rideblue.com.

Q. "Does BLUE offer a Crash Replacement Policy?”

A.  Yes, We have all been there and we want you to continue to Ride BLUE should you have an unfortunate accident, crash or strong impact that damages your frame or fork.  Check out our Crash Replacement and Warranty page for details. 

Q. "Where do I find my Serial number?"

A. You can locate your serial number on the underside of the bicycle near the crankset and bottom bracket area.  You will need your serial number when you register your bicycle.  We also recommend you keep the serial number in your owner’s manual in case your bicycle ever gets stolen.

Q. "Can I order parts directly from you?” 

If you need to order any parts specifically for your BLUE, please check our store under Parts Store or if it is not listed there email us with the details of what you need. 

Q. "What size bicycle should I ride?”

A.  Blue Competition Cycles offer many sizes and we understand the need to ride the correct bicycle to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.  While we have general guidelines listed on the Web site along with each bike we recommend you visit your local Blue dealer to get professionally measured and fit to your BLUE.  There are many factors involved and having a local fitter is the best way to determine sizing.

Q. "Do you repair or repaint older models or offer decals?”

A.  BLUE does not offer this service however we can recommend a few painters and carbon repair shops.  We do not stock decals or Touch Up Paint. 



Q. Is the headset on the Triad line including the Sl, EX and SP proprietary to Blue?

A. No the headset on the Triad line is a 1" integrated headset made by FSA or Cane Creek. Any bike shop should have one on hand if you need a replacement.

Q. What are the torque specs for the Triad EX stem?

     A. The face plate of the Triad EX torque spec is 5 nm

Q. What is the torque spec for the AC1 and Triad seat clamp?

A. The torque is 5 nm, but and the seat clamps need to be tightened simultaneously to avoid pulling out the insert inside the carbon frame and to get even tightening.

Q. What is the Norcross thru axle size and the thread pitch?

A. The front is 15x100 mm, the rear is 12x142 mm. The thread pitch is 1.5.

Q. What are torque specs for the Aerus road bike stem and bars?

A. The torque for the Aerus road bars and stem is 5 nm.

Q. How can I get a replacement derailleur hanger?

A. For derailleur hanger replacements you can check out Wheels Manufacturing at http://wheelsmfg.com. They have an updated list of derailleur hangers and model years. It also helps if you have your old or broken hanger so you can match it with the photos from their website.

Q. How do I find parts for older models?

A. For inquiries related to BLUE bike models prior to 2013 the best thing to do is submit a photo of the part you are looking for to our email address info@rideblue.com.  We will see if we can accommodate your request from our stock of parts or direct you where to find a replacement.

Q. What is the largest size tire that will fit on the Prosecco bikes?

A. The tire capacity on the Prosecco line depends on the tire manufacturer.  Some tires labeled as 38c actually measure much larger.  We find that tires like Hutchinson and Continental and Schwable tires fit up to a 700x38C comfortably.

Q.  What is the largest size tire that will fit on the AC1 carbon bikes?

A. It depends on the tire manufacturer but you can comfortably fit a 700x29C. 

Q.  Which bikes have internal cable routing?

A. The bikes from the Triad line as well as the AC1 line have internal cable routing. The Prosecco line has a large opening to run cables but will only have internal routing for the brake line. The Norcross has internal routing.