Inside BLUE

Blue Competition Cycles "BLUE" is a boutique bicycle manufacturer providing top-quality road, triathlon, cyclocross and gravel bikes to racers and cycling enthusiasts.

BLUE's roots started in 2004 in the USA and with our new headquarters outside of Boulder, Colorado it allows to design, assemble and quality-control our products in the USA.  We partner with a select group of bicycle shops to showcase and sell our products.  These shops offer superior local support and service to our customers and have the experience and expertise to provide bike fit recommendations, bicycle component comparisons and test rides.  BLUE also offers online ordering, support and service for those customers located outside of our dealer coverage areas.    

The new generation of BLUE is taking its products to the next level of precision and industry-leading designs.  We continue to build upon a foundation of producing world-class caliber racing machines through a combination of refined carbon fiber, wind tunnel developed tube construction, rider comfort and a relentless commitment to aerodynamics.  BLUE continues to refine the art of seamless balance between speed, power, efficiency and rider comfort.  We hope you will become part of the BLUE family...Ride On!


Dig in a little deeper into BLUE with Dean & Orli

Blue Competition Cycles established new headquarters in 2018 with its offices and warehouse now located near Boulder, Colorado.  This new location gives us more flexibility in inventory control and an enhanced ability to quality-control assembly of each bicycle.  If you're located nearby shoot us an email to arrange a visit as we would love to have you over.   We are looking forward to being in the heart of the cycling mecca here in Colorado.