We have two programs to help customers should they have a structural issue with their BLUE bicycle.  There is our Warranty program and Crash Replacement program.  Each one has specific requirements that must be met but may provide for repair or a discounted or free replacement of the frame or fork should it be damaged by an accident or has an issue during normal use. 

Please see the Crash Replacement program for an issue caused by an accident, crash or a strong impact to your bicycle. 

Please see the Warranty details if under normal use you have damage to the frame or fork that is beyond cosmetic or appearances such as scratches and scrapes.  

NOTE: Warranty on international sales are handled only through the dealer from where the bicycle was purchased. Warranty on bikes sold from non-authorized resellers including Merlin Cycles and PBK (Pro Bike Kit) must be handled directly through those stores where purchased.


We have all been there.  We want you to continue to Ride BLUE should you have an unfortunate accident, crash or strong impact that damages your frame or fork.  While these events are not considered for warranty replacement we have a generous Crash Replacement program to try and help you out at a significantly reduced price.  Here are the steps to be considered and take advantage of the Crash Replacement program.

1) Take some detailed pictures of the damage and locate the serial number on the bicycle frame.  Email us at CrashReplacement@rideblue.com and send the photos, serial number, model and size, when and where you purchased it, along with details of the accident that caused the damage.

2) If approved we will email you a confirmation along with a quote for a replacement frame/fork.  If it is an older model or we don't have stock of that model and size we will provide an alternative choice.  In some cases you will be required to ship us the frame/fork before approval so we may inspect the damage. 

3) Should you decide to proceed after receiving the approval take your bike to a local bike shop and have them disassemble and ship us just the damaged frameset.  Once we receive the frameset we will send you an invoice for payment which you can pay online by credit card.  After payment is received we will ship the new frameset to the bike shop for build up, assembly and tuning.  This is extremely important especially if it is being replaced with a new model as there may be some small parts or a few new items required to outfit the new frameset with your old components so that it works properly.  The assembly and build with the replacement frameset is not covered by BLUE and most bike shops will charge a fee to you for this service.



Warranty Replacement Program Requirements

1) The warranty program is only for original owners.  If you are not an original owner (i.e. you don't have the original proof of purchase from one of our Blue dealer bike shops or purchased your bike used).  If you have lost your receipt please contact the bike shop where you purchased the bike as they may be able to provide a copy of the purchase receipt.  Warranty does not cover BLUE bikes purchased used.  

2) Warranty is designed to provide repair or replacement if your BLUE frame, fork or Aerus branded components have defects in materials or workmanship.  Other components on the bicycle may have their own manufacturer's warranty but warranty claims for these items cannot be submitted through BLUE.  This includes things like derailleurs, brakes, crank sets, wheels, chain, seat, handlebars, etc.  Please contact your local bike shop for warranty assistance with a component other than your Blue frame or fork or Aerus branded components.    

If you meet the above two requirements below is the Warranty program details and how to submit a warranty claim. 

A. BLUE's warranty policy extends a 5-year limited coverage on defects in materials and workmanship on the frame and fork and DOES NOT COVER damage caused when the bicycle is used beyond normal use conditions, normal wear and tear, crashes or if the proper torque settings have not been followed for tightening bolts.  This warranty covers the following models. 

2014 and newer BLUE models (Hogback, Triad, Triad Elite, AC1, Axino, Andax, Prosecco)

B. Aerus branded components including seat posts, handlebars and wheels have a 1-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. 

Submitting a Warranty Request

All warranty requests for sales within the U.S. are handled directly through Blue. NOTE: Warranty on international sales are handled only through the dealer from where the bicycle was purchased. Warranty on bikes sold from non-authorized resellers including Merlin Cycles and PBK (Pro Bike Kit) must be handled directly through those stores where purchased.

1) For U.S. sales to request warranty consideration please email Blue at warranty@rideblue.com and include the model and size of the bike, serial number, detailed photos of the damage, original proof of purchase receipt, and the description of the event that caused the damage.  

2) BLUE will determine if you qualify for warranty and either email you a Warranty Return Authorization Number approving the request or will ask you to send in the frame and fork to BLUE for further inspection.  If you would like to proceed, take your bike to either a BLUE Authorized bicycle dealer or if there is none in your area to your local bike shop.  Have the bike shop disassemble and ship us the frame and fork referencing the Warranty Return Authorization Number.  You are responsible for paying the bike shop for disassembly labor and for the shipping for your desired carrier and shipment time frame.  DO NOT send in your frame and fork without getting a return authorization as it may get returned to you without being replaced or you may have already paid the cost of shipping and disassembly without it being accepted as warranty. 

3) If approved for warranty, once we receive the frame and fork BLUE will send the bike shop the replacement or repaired frame or fork and will cover this shipping cost.  The cost for the bike shop to build, assemble and tune the replacement frame/fork is not covered under warranty and is at the sole discretion of the bike shop's rates.  The reason we ship the replacement directly to the bike shop is to ensure it gets built by a professional with proper tension and the correct torque wrench settings.  Additionally to rebuild the bike the bike shop may require some new cables or parts depending on the age and use of the bike.  Depending on model and size availability of a replacement frame and fork an upgrade may be offered to you at a substantially reduced price or sometimes you may be required to wait until new inventory is available for that model and size.    

4) If after inspection it is determined not to be covered under warranty, then BLUE will contact you to discuss the options for using our Crash Replacement program or getting a replacement, repair, or if available the purchase of a demo or refurbished frame set.