BLUE is committed to promoting the cycling industry and helping athletes achieve success.  We partner with racing teams, individual athletes, collegiate teams and clubs to get the word out about how BLUE and our line of top-quality bicycles supports their pursuits.  The featured athletes and teams below include our sponsored family and our ambassadors that utilize BLUE bicycles in competition. 




“While competition is always a big motivator and critical to my personal success, I strive to maintain a focus on the fulfilling nature of the sport as a whole. The relationships that develop, along with the resulting benefits outside of the sport, help me stay balanced and continue to fuel my passion. I hope to one day use my success in the sport as a platform to mentor and uplift others inside and outside of the sport.”


Cyclus Sport - UCI Continental Road team

Cyclus Sports is the newest UCI Continental team in North America, in only its second season racing in the professional peloton. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, the program is established on the twin pillars of clean racing and local development.

The UCI men’s all-American roster is mostly made of neo-pros, many with the capability of becoming general classification riders.


Jarrod Shoemaker - Pro triathlete & Olympian

"Growing up I played as many sports as I could, focusing on baseball, swimming and running. In high school I qualified for FootLocker XC championships, finishing 22nd. I went to Dartmouth College and ran cross country and track and field, winning Heptagonal XC Championships in 2002. After college I dove head first into triathlon and in 2005 I won the Under 23 World Championships. I made the 2008 Olympic team and in 2009 won Duathlon Worlds and Hamburg WTS (still the only US male to win a WTS race)."

Photo by Finisherpix

Photo by Finisherpix

Erin Green - PRO IRONMAN Triathlete

“I am a Registered Dietitian and a Professional Triathlete entering my 5th season in the elite field. I like my equipment to be comfortable and predictable, and because of this I raced the same bike for seven years! One year I dabbled with a different model and found handling and comfort to be an issue- not ideal when trying to lay down a hot bike split in a race".


Colorado School of Mines Triathlon Club

Who says engineers can't be good athletes? What started as just a few nerdy engineers who liked to swim, bike, and run has grown into a team who is out to show the world that we can do more than just calculus! We are a growing team stationed out of the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) in Golden, Colorado competing in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Division. We welcome athletes of all abilities and backgrounds!

10292016 Blue Sky Cup Photo1.jpg

Groove-Subaru Cyclocross Racing Team

Kristal Boni - Elite Womens Cyclocross

Alexandra Burton - Pro Road Racer



Ellie Salthouse - Pro Triathlete

"I joined the Blue team in 2014, never considering myself a strong cyclist on the ITU circuit. But with Blue, my cycling went from strength to strength and I was able to not only keep up with some of the strongest cyclists, but I found my cycling became a game-changing factor in most races.

Since making the switch to long course racing this year, Blue has made it possible for me to mix it with some of the best athletes in the business. I know that I am on a bike I can trust and most importantly, goes fast!"

Kate Doughty - Paralympian

“Had a ripper race on Saturday, taking out the gold in the Oceania championships. I won with a 6 min lead. To put it in perspective, this race last year I was beaten by the girl who came second at this race by 2 mins. Also, the girl in second is a ex pro cyclist and has always had the fastest bike split, where not even the world champ has beaten before. This time, I had a clean, efficient and super fast bike split on a technical course to have the fastest bike split by a minute. That’s why I ride blue.”

David Mainwaring - Pro triathlete

"The 4 min running mile barrier was once ‘impossible’. Things we thought were impossible yesterday can become possible. I have been witness to this watching my father battle cancer for the last 10 years. My father continues to prove the impossible is possible with the right attitude and a big heart. I try to bring his attitude into my racing, when it starts getting tough or someone says it’s ‘impossible’ to beat that guy, I believe that it is possible and try to prove all the doubters wrong".