AERUS Elite 35GR Carbon Gravel Wheelset

AERUS Elite 35GR Carbon Gravel Wheelset

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BLUE Competition Cycles offers its in-house brand of AERUS carbon wheels. AERUS Elite 35GRs are our Ultimate Gravel wheels that help you go farther, faster and while expending less energy. This high-quality carbon wheel set provides a wide 30mm rim to handle tires ranging from 30mm to 45mm wide. It is tubeless ready if you want to ride tubeless tires with sealant to improve your ride at lower air pressure and lower rolling resistance.

Its 35mm depth gives you an aerodynamic advantage over traditional low profile gravel wheels. Asymmetric rear rim provides for better spoke tension and strength for drive-side balance. Available with or without tires and 140mm rear and 160mm front 6-bolt rotors for disc brakes. Supports the use of thru-axles (12x100 front and 12x142 rear) for a reliable and strong connection to the bike fork and frame (thru-axles not included in price).

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AERUS Elite 35GR - The Ultimate Gravel 35 Depth Carbon Disc Wheel set Includes:

  • Front and Rear 700c Carbon Wheels with UD Matte Finish

  • Rims are 30mm width x 35mm deep (24mm internal width)

    • Asymmetrical rim design on rear for stiffer, stronger and more reliable wheel by improving angle of spokes on dished wheel and equalizing spoke tension of drive and non-drive side

    • Tubeless Ready Rims (required tubeless tires, rim tape and sealant to run wheels tubeless)

  • Compatible with 15mmx100mm front thru-axle, 12mmx142mm rear thru-axle (thru-axles not included)

  • Built with Powerway Hubs and Enduro High-Quality Sealed Bearings

  • Spokes are 16H Front and 32H Rear

  • Supports 6-Bolt Rotors 160mm Front Rotor and 140mm Back Rotor for Hydraulic or Mechanical Disc Braking

  • Rider with gear weight limit is 250lbs

  • Recommended maximum tire pressure is 65psi

  • Wheel set approximate weight (without rotors, tires, tubes) is 1530g-1550g

Optional Configuration: Complete Wheelset Ready-to-Roll with Tires and Rotors


  • 6-Bolt Rotors 160mm Front and 140mm Rear for Disc Brakes

  • Donnelly X’Plor Gravel Tires 700c x 32mm or 40mm (approx 286g/32, 384g/40) Tubeless or Non-Tubeless

  • Select 32mm for fast smooth gravel or road riding and 40mm for more aggressive gravel/trail

  • Smooth-rolling center knobs and aggressive shoulder lugs

  • Soft rubber compound for extra grip and shock absorption

  • Integrated puncture protection belt under the tread

  • Tubeless-Ready and Non-Tubeless tire options come in either 32 and 40 sizes (Select the model when ordering). Note: it is recommended to run non-tubeless tires if you are not going to run them tubeless as they are lighter weight. Running tubeless tires without tubes is the same or lighter than running non-tube tires and tubes because you don’t have the extra weight of tubes.

  • Tubeless-Ready and Non-Tubeless options both come setup with tubes. (does not include sealant or tubeless rim tape or tubeless valves required to run tubeless)

Braking Performance Testing


For the traditional caliper braking rims our wheels are tested for brake performance using a spinning wheel and simulated rider load. They are tested by applying a braking force and measuring temperature at multiple points hundreds of times a second using laser technology. The test machine also precisely measures wheel and tire width to see how these dimensions change as braking is applied and heat is generated. This results in superior quality control and finished product.